Wednesday, 5 November 2014


                                 BEADS ON A STRING
                          AT LAST NIGHT….
These days I need a kerchief!!
To wipe my mischief!
Let I pen to poem,
 My tear scrolls down  ..
Before the ink stick on my paper
My tears always first….
I don’t wanna be your heroine
Atleast, pleasing to never make me a fool!!
Yes,I accept
     My fingers are shivering,
    My heart beats yet powerful!!
There is much awaited for me,
    My pen,
   My papers,
    My books,
    My mother
   Finally,my smileJJ….
I don’t have time to scared or love..
Funny thing is
    I don’t want get scared anymore!!
Again I try to pen down,
I know,this wont be a piece of cake
Once in a blue moon,
   Felt like time flies
Eye lids are still open …
Now,night changes to day.
Seeking for  sleep,
Blinking eyes only remains…
Penning English is something fishy
Just wanna to rescue from these sort of feelings…
Now,I m not a good writer,
But,I will…
Creatity grows!!!!thats tight….
I put end
Yet,It wont end…..