Saturday, 11 October 2014

Half girlfriend..

Half girlfriend. . . 

Attracted quotes 

 1.i wanted to tell her that the oxygen flow to my lungs had stopped
. 2.her hindi was music to my ears.
 3.what you say matters,not the languages. 
4.owner of wonderful eyebrows and speaker of wonderful lines.
 5.a boy should make more interesting conversation with a girl.but a loser like of had little experience in dis regard. 
6.i m not much of a talker:)i like to listen.  
7.i dont know he i was real prince or not,but i had found my princess.
 8.i dot share much abt my life with anyone.
9.the high point of my life is to have kids.
10.i want to my house filler with books & music cd's.
11.even a girls's sweat smells like perfume.
13.the worst wait in life is waiting for someone to text back. 
14.classes can cant:) army of intellectual men cant solve the riddle created by an indecisive women.
16.even though we were in the middle of what seemed like a world was,i wanted to kiss her.that is how pick the male mind is. 
17.pretty girls have the right to hurt men.
18.respect, however,cant be bought you have to earn it. with dignity, live for others,this is how,one earn respect. 
20.govt employers are the lowest risk takers on earth.
21.i was an immature,over-protected ,idiotic 18 yr old with no blue about life.
22.loser get words from girls,winners get kisses.
23.guess maturity makes a man better. 
24.times change,lives change,you have to move on.
25.i m human;i will faulter and i will have ups and down.

This book is like somewhat usual story..but educate to rural people is the most strongest part is like a vaaranam aayiram movie.. not epic..